Thursday, February 18, 2010

Driving Drifting

(a map of the drive drift without and with the map of Baltimore)

Last weekend, Rachael and I went on a driving drift. We both started and ended in the Central Baltimore district, however, we drove aimlessly around otherwise. There were various elements that decided our path, ranging from blocked off streets due to snow and unplowed conditions, bathroom breaks, and points of interest that we found along the way. My car got stuck once, on an unplowed street in upper west Baltimore, and we exited the car in Highlandtown. It will be interesting to compare in the future our path of a driving drift versus a walking or biking drift, due to the tendency to stay on main arteries within the city while driving. We mapped using a phone GPS system that tracked our path, but we did not have to focus on, so we did not have to constantly write down our positions and turns along the way.

It was interesting to compare where the both of us had been before, considering Rachael is from Baltimore, and I am not. We had decided to park and walk around Highlandtown since we had both driven through, but had never gotten out and walked around.

A larger resolution map will be posted on the wiki, along with photos and points of interest.
More drifts will be added in the future. If you have gone on any drifts, you are more than welcome to add to the map, (once posted to the wiki), and repost it!

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