Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Secret Baltimore?

Recently, as I've been exploring arts districts and community-arts relations within different cities, I have discovered that its difficult to just look up a city and find out what is actually going on there. Through my research, I have found that the situation in many cities resemble Baltimore and the SNAD plan. To someone who isn't a resident within the area, rejuvenation plans drafted by bureaucrats may seem to be a massive improvement, but those of us who live inside and around the community see things differently. We see the spaces that may be destroyed and we understand the necessity to preserve the "SNAD" that we are familiar with and know today.

I just found several interesting groups on Facebook that discuss and share secrets of Baltimore and other cities. They are called "secret city" groups that discuss the happenings within places like New York and San Francisco to name a few. Since we as a class are beginning to understand the value of the intricacies and secrets of cities, maybe we should use this group as a forum for discussion. When looking at the "Secret Baltimore" page, it was apparent that each person posting had a different idea of what "secrets" were worth sharing. I realized that the MICA community has its own unique vault of "secrets" that are worth exploring. There are many places featured in these "secret city" groups, and all are interesting to look at and think about. Check it out!

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