Thursday, April 29, 2010

After reading "How Art and Culture Happen in New York" and thought about Station North arts and Entertainment District in Baltimore

The author suggests importance of effects that art and culture in the urban, because economic structure moved from industry basis to art and culture basis. She took survey from cultural producers, gatekeepers and social life providers, research of policies which could help develop the cultural economy, concluded:

"The relationship between place and culture can be an effective tool for economic development….Fundamentally, art and culture thrive in places that support the social and economic dynamics necessary for creative production.”

However, the most interesting thing is how to interact creative people. In the reading, there are several quotations which like one nightclub owner said, “So many times, I see creative people sitting next to each other and next thing you know they are doing something.” Moreover, in the survey, most of them mentioned important of social activity such as ‘introduction’. I also deeply agree with this.

In my experience, even they are just ‘student’ or ‘amateur’, art world is influenced strongly social life. Most of my creative friends met in the exhibition opening, by accidently joining at drinking party, or by others introduced.

With this opinion, I also gladly accept North market project which is normally well-known “Station north market arts and entertainment district”. It has a plan that develops complex center entertainment and art providing in Central Baltimore. There’s already several place are running now. ‘Metro gallery’(1700 North Charles street), ‘The Windup space’(12 W. North Avenue) where locate Station North district and mixed bar, stage and gallery. In addition, every month on second Saturday, there is an event which has music performances, art exhibition, entertain such as providing pizza. Hence, they had some projects like “The Door & Window Project” that decorated vacant houses.

However, I think it needs to more effort to advertise to people-including MICA students and other art students and local artists, residents. First, it should renew their web site. Since last year, there is no updating even this month the event held. It is hard to get information beside leaflets. Secondly, it has to increase more ally facilities. It is glad news that there will be a new pub as soon as in North market building. It could help more local art and culture communication. At last, it needs to be held more notable events. It helps collect more artists and culture planners, and also could revive local economy.

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