Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park

So Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates is pulling an Olmstead! I was reading an article in the New York Times about the new Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York.
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Green Space can be a great improvement to a neighborhood. I know we've talked in class about how community gardens and other types of green space can be totally beneficial and it's interesting to look at Baltimore in this sense as it is sort of on a small scale compared to NYC.
I wonder how this park will impact the neighborhood? The article talks about how the park has years before it is completed, though it is supposed to be one of many large "greening" projects in New York. Before the area was filled with dilapidated warehouses that lined the piers from the water. Now, for the most part they've been demolished to make room for recreational sports centers. This park should have an incredible impact on the city as central park did when Frederick Law Olmstead designed it. The article talked about how Olmstead viewed parks as a "refuge from the physical and psychological wear and tear of the industrial city" whereas the grittier elements of cities are focused on in a positive way. The connection between sustainable landscapes in urban environments aid to this link.

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