Thursday, April 22, 2010

arts promotion?

There is an arts festival in pittsburgh called three rivers arts festival annually. Every year there is a poster contest for the promotion of the festival. Here is this year's winner.

I find it interesting how they are promoting the arts festival this year. I guess this response is more about the idea of the open city rather than the actual arts scene, but the festival is about people getting out to the city, experiencing the arts and the various art booths, seeing the juried exhibits, having fun at the outdoor amphitheater concerts, etc. However, none of these ideas are expressed through this poster. Instead it is a very futurist interpretation of Pittsburgh, which shows no street view city life, and it is solely about the high towers and the architecture. I am not saying this is necessarily a bad interpretation of Pittsburgh, but as an advertisement for an arts festival, not necessarily a route I would have personally taken. The poster seems very cold and uninviting.

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