Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come enjoy urban interventions! Transmodernfest! 2010

This weekend there will be a fantastic array of performances and shows in the Transmodern festival 2010.

The festival is fantastic in many ways, particularly for me in its ability to transform public space into warm (for me at least) spaces. Actually, last year at the Love Parade in seton hill (by the H&H building/floristree) was where I decided to move back to Baltimore due to the immense love. The parade for me, took a park I never felt comfortable laying or sitting in and created a sense of celebration of the space. The parade began blocks away but I joined in, in a handy costume and it was definitely a little inspired by mob mentality but surely for the purest of motives. The parade was really just a marching band of random costumes and pedestrians handed heart protest-like signs with "Love" written on them. (

Here are some images from the event last year:

Its fun to think about how temporary events can alter the way we experience the space.

The city paper has a nice schedule laid out as part of their story on it.
The festival (which I'll be in this Sunday as part of the Pedestrian Service Exquisite (PSE) !)

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